Jaguar May Reportedly Use BMW Platform for New SUVs

Jaguar May Reportedly Use BMW Platform for New SUVs

With Jaguar planning to add two new crossovers its lineup, will they employ BMW’s platforms to underpin the vehicles?

As Jaguar looks to meet customer demand, it appears that they will be adding more crossover and SUVs to the lineup. The Freelander is already slated for a return, in addition to the next-generation of the Discovery Sport and Evoque. But word on the street is that Jaguar will use a BMW platform for the new vehicles.

Jaguar and BMW have previously announced their plan to work together towards electrification. Both automakers partnered on electric drive unit (EDU) development, according to Autocar. However, it seems that this alliance opens up possibilities for JLR. Namely, that the new entry-level Land Rover (likely to be the revamped Freelander), next-gen Land Rover Discovery Sport, and Range Rover Evoque would be made utilizing a BMW platform.

If Jaguar wants to be ready for hybrid and EV technologies, this is certainly a smart move. BMW’s new FAAR platform for front-wheel-drive vehicles was developed specifically for such a reason, and would make a seamless fit. It would also work as a perfect point of design for Jaguar’s plan for two lower priced vehicles, a smaller SUV and coupé crossover.

It also seems likely that the sharing will not stop there, with Jaguar using a BMW-based engine. Autocar sources say “the German car maker is set to supply JLR with four and six-cylinder internal combustion engines in both standard and hybrid form.”

While we like Jaguar’s current platform, this partnership could be a smart way to move the brand forward, expand the lineup, and appeal to a greater consumer base.

Photos: Jaguar Forums; Jaguar

Aug 14th 2019

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